National Housing Group provides Housing Management Services as both the sole managing agent and in a supporting role through its Preferred Partners Program. These services play a vital role in delivering superior risk adjusted returns to Investors, efficient allocation of Government Resources and improved housing outcomes for Residents.

To assist in achieving these superior outcomes for all Stakeholders, National Housing Group administers a number of tenant related services and programs such as our housingKONECT, Homes & Gardens, Rent4Less, Healthy Homes and UniDesign.

The combination of our effective management and programs assist to achieve superior outcomes by lifting aspirations, generating pride of residence and creating a macro and micro sense of belonging which in turn facilitates greater accountability.

In assembling our housing portfolio, we pay particular consideration to key facets such as; quality, value for money, useability of design, access to transport and amenity, accessibility and universal design. These considerations are coupled with the requirement to host a diversity of stock with regards to size, geographic spread, price points and housing types (houses, townhouses and apartments).

Head Office is responsible for the higher level core activities and all centralised administration functions while being ably supported by our Regional Housing Managers (RHM's) which are strategically located to competently service our local requirements.

If you're an Investor or Property Manager and want to learn more about how National Housing Group may be able to assist you with the management of an individual property or an entire project in conjunction with one of our programs, please contact our office for an informative discussion. For Tenants looking for housing or wanting to learn about the range of tenant services National Housing Group offer, please see our page for Tenants.