Financial Sponsor

National Housing Group is able to originate and deliver development projects as either the Developer or acting in the role of Financial Sponsor for complementing development opportunities. This is coupled with the option to purchase already complete or partially complete projects. For unique projects or distressed opportunities, National Housing Group will acquire properties that complement its existing activities.

Further to the acquisition and development of properties, National Housing Group acts in conjunction with and in support of, third party developers to facilitate the delivery of projects with a variety of housing initiatives.

The key strength in the solutions that are delivered to the marketplace are derived from Government Programs and Funding. These Government initiatives are invariably designed to encourage investment and development where the market is inadequate at catering for a particular sector. By working in unison with the Government objectives, National Housing Group is able to help the Government deliver the fruits of their policies while achieving superior outcomes for both Investors and Residents.

Development where the market is inadequate at catering for a particular sector

To discuss a potential opportunity that you believe may be suitable for National Housing Group to engage with, please make contact with our office.