Programs & Initiatives

National Housing Group is actively engaged in the implementation of both State and Federal Government initiatives.

The key strength in the solutions that are delivered to the marketplace are derived from Government Programs and Funding. These Government initiatives are invariably designed to encourage investment and development where the market is inadequate at catering for a particular sector. By working in unison with the Government objectives, National Housing Group is able to help the Government deliver the fruits of their policies while achieving superior outcomes for both Investors and Residents.

National Housing Group, when implementing State and Federal Government initiatives, provides a superior value proposition to Stakeholders across the board including superior risk and tax adjusted returns to Investors, efficient allocation of Government Resources and improved housing options for Residents.

Delivering the Fruits of Government Policy

Further to the acquisition and development of properties, National Housing Group acts in conjunction with and in support of, Developers, Investors and Preferred Partners to facilitate the delivery of projects with a variety of housing initiatives.

Our successful participation and implementation of Government initiatives has seen National Housing Group become one of Australia’s fastest growing Housing Providers.

National Housing Group is typically active in the areas of affordable housing and housing for seniors and people with a disability. Both State and Federal Governments have an array of policies, programs and funding channels to address present and future issues in these areas.

If you have a project that you would like us to consider for inclusion in a National Housing Group or Government Program, or to learn how National Housing Group may be able to assist you with improved outcomes with an individual property or an entire project, please contact our office for an informative discussion.